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This movie rules! I watched it for the 100th time, and I thought.. Let's practice some photoshop! Well you can see the result in my gallery...
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Thanx judges!!

God bless!
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I decided to continue the icon pack due to so many people that fav'ed it. I made a list of programs people missed in the comments. If you have anything to add please reply! Should I make game icons for some games???


Yahoo Messenger
Torrent Icons
My Computer
Recycle Bin
DivX Player
Google Earth
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Aftereffects
Visual Studio
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wauw, I never suspected that people would like them this much! A daily deviation. I never knew what happened to me when I logged on. 480 messages. I was like... WHAT? Probably a maintenance problem or sumtin cuz they were doin that. LOL, my pageviews went up with about 1500. o_O I still dont believe it...

Love you guys!!!!
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I bought a Kodak EasyShare P850. Not the best camera there is, but it fits my budget! Lots of camera for not alot of money, love it!
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It was my birthday on the 17th of Februari. I got a new Logitech MX Revolution mouse from my girlfriend... It rulez!!!

Btw I'm currently into creating windows Icons. So I'll be bringing out a icon pack soon!

God bless!
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Wee, I'm done with the transformation project, got some awesome grades!!! Have to do a project about myself now... Doin it Chibi style! Completely new for me though... Never tried this in my entire life.. If ya wanna see progress.. keep watching my scraps... Wish me luck!
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Still working hard on this project. I hope you can see the progress. I re-uploaded them because I made some serious adjustments. Teachers seem to be pleased by them, now I have to put em to some good use!
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I have been around again for quite some time now, without submitting any art. I will try to do so more often, but forgive me if there are lots of pauses between them.
Yo, peepz, I'm off friday to a festival called: Soul Survivor! It rocks, went there last year and I came back a changed man! Literally... It is a festival for young people that wish to receive more from God and to get to know Him better. There are seminars about the bible and alot of other stuff that can come out handy in your personal life! And some real good bands!!!!!!


lol, God bless ya all!

~ Sav
This Friday means more than you might think. This is de the day that we remind ourselves that our good Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross. You may say that you are a good person... Maybe you are, perhaps you're even a better person than I am, but everyone makes mistakes. No-one can live without the grace of Jesus, everone needs it, no exception. Why did He have to die? Because one man brought sin into the world and his name was Adam. And by one man the sins had to be taken out of the world. Jesus was a perfect person and made no mistakes, he was the son of God. He had no human father which we can tell from Maria who was impregnated with a child by the Holy Spirit.
Mankind does sin by nature, because sin was let into our lives by the very first human. But God came with a solution! Jesus! He suffered and died for us! So that we wouldn't have! Hell isn't the place of fire and stuff, but it is completely Godforsaken. Here on earth we still experience God with our subcontious mind. That will be gone then and you will be alone. Not something I wish for any of my friends! Not even my enemies! God loves you and Jesus is your ticket to God, what do you have to do for it? Believe that Jesus died for you on the cross, for your sins, accept Jesus into your heart and you will experience real life! A normal life is boring, living with God is the best thing you can ever do!!!

Love ya all!!!
And God bless!

~ Sav
Hello everyone,

I made a club, just something I thought of..

Im a big fan of JediKnight II v1.02a MP so I thought why not make a little club.

I don't submit much lately but that is because I'm having a training period at a company called FormLab. I work full-time and on saturday's I have another job. On sunday I go to church, this is the best day of the week!!! I love goin to church!

Well this is the reason I don't submit much, cuzz I just don't have stuff to submit...
I haven't submitted nor been around this site for a while. I work now, at a webdesign company which is my training period for school. Because of this I can't seem to find the time to draw. And when I have the time I don't feel like drawing...

Well, hope you like my new stuff... The things I recently uploaded that is... Not much though...
Well as the title sais... I haven't drawn any further after the post so its still in the same condition... I will finish it soon though, but I work in my vacation and went to France so... No time really... well this is what it still is if you wanna see it click on this…

~ Sav
Well I've not been drawing alot lately but this is what I got... I've been working on this drawing for quite some time and I havent completed it yet. I like don't wan't to draw lately... So thats why it is taking so long... well if you wanna see the progress watch this…


~ Sav
Yo.. I gave up on the darth maul.. the subject got boring... and i've started on another... Im drawing the dvd cover of the movie: Pirates of the Carribean. I finished johny depp and orlando bloom and workin on keira knightly...

I'll show it as soon as possible... Much to do atm...
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At school.. I put my mp3 player in the USB port... Then it got ripped out by someone when I wasnt looking...

I dont get it.. Why do u gotta steal shit.. The first thing that occurs to me is..: GET A JOB!!!

Well... Imma shoot some pple in Starwars Republic Commando...
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Wow... 2000... thnx everyone that likes my work...

btw.. im making another darth maul instead of the Republic Commando drawing. :)
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